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About the founder

From Public Policy to Royalty Finance

Anthony Stewart got his start at the Texas Legislature where he worked on hydrogen fuel cell legislation. Later, Mr. Stewart lobbied for an alternative energy company, Hydrogen Energy, to secure incentives for advanced clean energy projects. Anthony then enrolled in law school at Southern University's Law Center in Baton Rouge, LA.

While in law school, Mr. Stewart worked on title issues for the Community Initiatives Foundation headed by Sister Judith Brun. Later, Anthony founded Beckwourth Transactions where he consulted various community land trusts and acquired 75+ properties on their behalf. In the spring of 2019, the company completed its first Private Placement Memo (PPM) for the syndication of a resort. The project also leaned on Mr. Stewart's expertise in asset and title protection while structuring the project. Stewart then realized a great need for business funding to sustain communities. Most communities are caught between the exclusivity of bank loans and typical venture capital funds that don't see value in "everyday" businesses. That's when he discovered Royalty-Based Finance ("aka Revenue-Based Finance" or "RBF"). He personally nicknames it, "Investivus for the rest of us."

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